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Our Game Catalogue 2016

We offer an extensive selection of agricultural seeds, each one carefully chosen to suit specific regions, markets, and other requirements individual clients may need. Whatever your need, we have the seed!

From Kale to Maize and everything in between we have comprehensive selection of Game seeds.

BUCKWHEAT (Sowing rate: 50 kg per acre)
Can be sown in conjunction with other crops, providing feed & cover, Buckwheat should be sown in May when all risk of frost has passed. It should mature within 3 months of sowing & seed shedding should take place over several weeks.
PEREDOVIC SUNFLOWER (Sowing rate: 5 kg per acre)
Sunflowers will attract a wide range of wildlife & insects. This dwarf strain stands well & produces large flower heads, accessible to birds & providing large amounts of seed.
KALE (Sowing rate: 3 kg per acre)
One of the most important & extensively used game cover crops, Kale provides excellent cover along with easily accessible runs underneath the canopy. Suggested variety: PROTEOR
QUINOA (Sowing rate: 4 kg per acre)
Quinoa can provide up to 1 tonne per acre of high protein seed which sheds steadily throughout the season. Quinoa is an ideal companion crop to Kale. Suggested variety: CARMEN
MUSTARD (Sowing rate: 5 kg per acre)
Fast growing & quick to establish, Mustard can be broadcast into a standing crop or can be lightly worked into stubble to provide quick cover. Suggested variety: FLEVO
PERENNIAL CANARY GRASS (Sowing rate: 2.5 kg per acre)
An ideal cover crop for growing on poor or exposed sites. The crop will take 2 years to become fully established & should grow up to 2 metres high. Perennial Canary Grass can last up to 7 years.
REED CANARY GRASS (Sowing rate: 2.5 kg per acre)
A species that is native to the United Kingdom, Reed Canary Grass is tolerant of a wide range of soil types.
SWEET CLOVER(Sowing rate: 4 kg per acre)
A biennial plant, Sweet Clover produces large quantities of insect attracting flowers. It produces a bigger and more vigorous crop in the 2nd year. Being a legume, it will fix atmospheric nitrogen which benefits soil fertility.
FODDER RAPE (Sowing rate: 4 kg per acre)
Fodder Rape is quick growing & offers good cover both for holding and driving birds. It will grow up to 1 metre tall. Suggested variety: SPARTA
JONTY (Sowing rate: 3 kg per acre)
A brassica cross with a rapid bolting tendency, Jonty produces a turnip like root, but grows like a fodder rape. The crop reaches 60 -90 cm in height & as the bottom leaves die back, it creates an open canopy.
TEXCEL GREENS (Sowing rate: 2.5 kg per acre)
A late sown crop producing a broken canopy, ideal for pheasants and partridges. More winter hardy than Mustard or Fodder Radish & can be grown throughout the United Kingdom.
FODDER RADISH (Sowing rate: 3 kg per acre)
Fodder Radish is fast growing but not particularly winter hardy. It will provide quick cover & the pods it produces contain plenty of seeds to feed all types of bird.
PHACELIA (Sowing rate: 3 kg per acre)
A vigorous growing plant that produces purple flowers which are a valuable source of insect life for small birds. The plant grows up to approx. 60 cm in height & is an annual species.
WHITE MILLET (Sowing rate: 5 kg per acre)
An excellent source of food and is usually sown within a stand of maize or sorghum for it's added feed. It is resistant to Atrazine and therefore it lends itself to mixing with these crops.
PEARL MILLET (Sowing rate: 5 kg per acre)
Has a bushy growth habit & is taller than white or red millet giving extra height to cover crops.
PULSAR (Sowing rate: 3 kg per acre)
A cross between Rape and Kale, Pulsar can be sown later than Kale and has larger leaves and a thicker stem than conventional Fodder Rape.
GOLD OF PLEASURE (Sowing rate: 2.5 kg per acre)
Gold of Pleasure (also known as Camelina or False Flax) will grow up to 90 cm tall. The stems turning woody when the plant is mature and it produces seed high in protein. Relatively drought tolerant & suited to a wide range of soil types.
UP AND OVER (Sowing rate: 10 kg per acre)
Contains: Linseed, Kale, Sunflower, Sweet Clover, Crimson Clover, Maize, Fodder Rape, Mustard, Millet and Phacelia
A traditional 1 year game cover mixture that is well capable of holding & offering good cover as well as providing a good feed source.
QUINOA & KALE (Sowing rate: 3 kg per acre)
Contains: PROTEOR Kale & CARMEN Quinoa
A popular blend, now including our unique strain of Quinoa 'CARMEN' , a very large seeded Quinoa variety, providing large quantities of high protein feed. This, combined with 'PROTEOR' Kale, provides excellent holding cover.
NIKO MILLET BLEND (Sowing rate: 5 kg per acre)
Contains: Red Millet, White Millet, Pearl Millet & Japanese Reed Millet
A blend of frost resistant Reed Millet to provide cover, together with Red, White and Pearl Millet which, with their different maturity times, can provide season long feed. NIKO can be used as a guard block around Maize or Kale.
RESCUE MIXTURE (Sowing rate: 5 kg per acre)
Contains: Mustard, Fodder Rape, Jonty, Stubble Turnip & Fodder Radish
A fast establishing Mustard & Fodder Rape blended with Jonty, Fodder Radish and Stubble Turnip. This mixture is ideal for patching poorly established or damaged sowings.
SAVVY BLEND(Sowing rate: 4 kg per acre)
Contains 2 varieties of Forage Rape
A blend of exceptionally winter hardy Forage Rape.
PARTRIDGE COVER (Sowing rate: 25 kg per acre)
Contains: Spring Triticale, Gold of Pleasure, Phacelia, Buckwheat & Linseed
Provides excellent open cover for Partridges. The Buckwheat and Phacelia are very attractive to insects for the birds to feed on whilst the seed from the Gold of Pleasure is high in protein.
WILD BIRD COVER (Sowing rate: 20 kg per acre)
Contains Spring Triticale, Kale & Quinoa
Meets the WM1 specification for the stewardship scheme & provides a selection of seeds for farmland birds during the winter.
Maize provides an ideal habitat for pheasants & partridges, offering good protection from aerial attacks whilst also providing feed in the winter months. Maize requires warm, moist soil for good establishment and should be drilled at a depth of 5-10 cms in 40-50 cm rows. Adequate fertiliser is essential as maize is a hungry crop.
Thiram & Anthraquinone & Mesurol treated
(Suggested sowing rate: 45,000 seeds per acre)
Suggested variety; Nexxos
CBS COMBICOAT is an effective seed treatment against FLEA BEETLE, based on CARBOSULPHAN. Trials carried out on Kales throughout Yorkshire & the South of England in known Flea Beetle areas have proved CBS COMBICOAT to be highly effective, not only protecting the seedling as it emerges but showing that the resultant plants are healthier with up to 20% more leaf and plant growth than untreated controls. It is believed that this is due to the seedlings being under less stress. The success of CBS COMBICOAT has been experienced by many Gamekeepers throughout the UK when establishing Kale with the product being highly effective during the critical emergence stage.
Additional sprays may be necessary depending on Flea Beetle numbers and the growth of the Kale.