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Our Spring Seed Catalogue 2018

TONIC Plantain – More Milk, More Meat, More Profits!

“DO YOU GROW GRASS OR DO YOU LET GRASS GROW” – This slogan gets more important every year as it is the best way to increasing margins by growing the very best grass for Grazing and Conservation. Add to this “THE MORE SEED YOU SOW THE LESS WEEDS YOU GROW“ This goes a long way to grow the highest quality forage from ley mixtures formulated from the best varieties.

ST. CATHERINES LEY MIXTURES go from strength to strength formulated mainly from the best Aberystwyth bred High Sugar varieties which produce “More Milk, More Meat and More Profit” producing Superb long lasting swards of high quality forage.

Prices have increased marginally this year owing to the poor harvest of intermediate and late Perennial Ryegrasses in the summer of 2017.

We are able to offer TONIC Plantain which is a broad leaved Perennial Herb as an addition to our Mixtures this year. The main benefits being More Milk, More Meat Increased daily live weight gains. It reduces the effects of internal parasites, and is High in Minerals especially Copper and Selenium To learn more about TONIC ask for a FREE Copy of “FORAGE 2018“ RING FREEPHONE 0800 174999.

We are selling a large tonnage of Fertiliser with added Selenium for Grazing livestock to enhance animal health which in turn means higher production. We have a wonderful portfolio of seed for every need and we look forward to servicing your many and varied requirements.

We offer an extensive selection of agricultural seeds, each one carefully chosen to suit specific regions, markets, and other requirements individual clients may need. Whatever your need, we have the seed!

  • Do you grow grass or let grass grow?
  • Italian Ryegrass shorter and more expensive
  • Plan direct re-seeds to avoid leatherjacket damage
  • Excellent prices for arable silage mixtures
  • New SCS Haylage mixture…