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Our Spring Seed Catalogue 2019

On the 6th of February after 8 ins of snow we hope to move forward. What an odd winter we have had, the grass has not stopped growing but some of last Autumns reseeds are very patchy owing to very dry soils.

Herbage seeds have increased in price and  are in very short supply throughout Europe following a poor seed harvest in 2018 and customers should ORDER NOW for either Spring and Autumn deliveries FREEPHONE  0800 174999

We continue to grow our market share ST. CATHERINES LEY MIXTURES formulated from the best Aberystwyth varieties will give you MORE GRASS, MORE MILK, MORE MEAT and MORE PROFIT. This year sees the introduction of ABER LEE late PRG Very high annual yields and Mid season D value. Very good resistance to Crown Rust. Next year we look forward to ABER BANN a brilliant New Variety we have no seed for this year.


ARABLE SILAGE MIXTURES are playing an increasing part of our sales and early ordering is advised. The area sown to LUCERNE AND  FODDER BEET  continues to increase and we have access to the best varieties for  this market.

For the latest information on Aberystwyth Grass Mixtures send for your FREE copy of “FORAGE 2019” Ring FREEPHONE 0800 174999

SWEET GRASS (23N +5SO3 +5NA2 O) is a blended high N Grassland Fertiliser specifically designed to increase sward palatability and maximise milk and meat production from grass. Selenium can be added to increase animal health

We have a wonderful portfolio of seed for every need and we look forward to servicing your many and varied requirements.